Friday, October 16, 2009

OPI/Essie/Color Club/Zoya nail wheel

Tässä wheelissä ovat loput OPI:t ja Essiet, Color Clubit sekä Zoyat. Kaikkia lakkoja kaksi kerrosta. Tämä on tällä erää viimeinen wheel, lisää tulee kunhan saan hankittua lisää wheelejä. :)

In this wheel are the rest of my OPI and Essie polishes as well as my Color Club and Zoya lacquers. Two coats of each. This is the last wheel for a while, I'll swatch some more polishes when I get more wheels.

1. OPI: Baby It's "Coal" Outside!
2. OPI: Up, Front & Personal
3. OPI: Suzi & The Lifeguard
4. Essie: Marabou
5. Essie: Cafe Forgot
6. Essie: Pink Glove Service
7. Essie: Magnifico
8. Essie: Mod Squad
9. Essie: Pink Lemonade
10. Color Club: Electro Candy
11. Color Club: Ready To Wear
12. Color Club: Femme Fatale
13. Color Club: Sugar Baby
14. Color Club: Oooooo La La
15. Zoya: Bailey
16. Zoya: Nikki
17. Zoya: Kiki
18. Zoya: Trixie

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